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Cashmere Carpet Cleaning professionals know how to care for all carpet types.  You can choose from two methods when selecting what type of cleaning your carpet needs.


First, you can choose to have your carpets Steam Cleaned only.  This method is best for carpets that are not heavily soiled.  It is a great way to clean and freshen your carpet.  We closely look at your carpet to ensure any problem spots are pre-treated to ensure optimal cleaning. 


Second, you may choose our Two Step Process.  This method is best for heavily soiled carpets and high traffic areas.  Your carpet will again be inspected to ensure any problem spots are pre-treated to ensure optimal cleaning.  Step One- A special machine is used to scrub your carpet to remove the dirt with special cleaning agents.  Step Two – The carpets are then Steam Cleaned to rinse the fiber and extract all the dirt and cleaning agents.  You will see your carpets are cleaner, softer and more beautiful. 


As an option, a carpet protector can be applied to maintain its clean look after your professional cleaning.   Having this applied also helps preserve the color and beauty of your carpet.  It can also help stains from forming.


Deodorizers can also be used to help eliminate normal household odors, like from your pet, or spills of food products

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